4 great beginner tips for slot machines

slot machines

4 great beginner tips for slot machines

Slots are the most popular casino games you will find online, but have you ever wondered where they came from and how to select the best one? That’s why you have to know a few tips and tricks that will help you choose the best casino game in the following sections but not before you’ll know a little bit about them.

Get to know a little about slot machines

What would you think about slot machines if you knew they were created to keep people entertained while waiting in line? People add money in the slot for a chance to win gum, candies, or other small prizes that arouse their attention in time. From that point to today’s slots their evolution is mindblowing.

Everything began with Charles Fey, a San Francisco mechanic that created the first slot machine, Liberty Bell. His creation attracted lots of inventors that boosted his classic invention. This led to nowadays modern slots. Since then until now, there are thousands of slots developed by high-end providers in offline and online casinos.

Now that you have an idea about slot machines, you may have seen that today, an NJ online casino has thousands of slots to play. Making a choice is harder than it looks, as there are many titles and providers, thematics, multipliers, and attractive jackpots.

Avoid progressive jackpot slots

What do you do when you see a slot machine with a huge jackpot? You think the game may pay you at any moment, isn’t it? Online and offline, there are two types of jackpots a slot machine will award  – progressive and fixed jackpots. Players tend to choose the progressive jackpot as the prizes are bigger, and generally, you can trigger the jackpot game at any moment, on any spin, at any bet.

The possibility of winning hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions is as tempting as ever, but you may know that progressive jackpot slot machines are quite dangerous for a beginner. Why? The prizes are big, but the RTP may be under 90%.

Playing slots like that will not guarantee you’ll hit the jackpot. The chances are low, and you may be extra lucky to go home with a hefty price. Not to mention that a progressive jackpot slot volatility is mostly high, which means you may hit a winning combo at one point but rarely. Also, you may be tempted to deposit more money and play more at that game, as the prize is super attractive and you will want to try your luck.

If you think you are lucky enough and want to play a progressive jackpot slot, bet smartly to play more with a smaller budget.

Rather than playing progressive jackpot slots, do this instead:

  • Try games with a bigger RTP (the best slots RTP is usually above 95%)
  • Choose games with a low-mid volatility
  • Analyze the rest of the games – start with the classic ones, try slots with special rounds or bonus buy features
  • Opt for a free spins casino bonus or for other offers to play more with smaller deposits or for free

Experience different games; try video poker for a change

Sometimes it is better to try other games as well. Maybe a small break from slot machines will help you find another favorite casino game. For instance, you should try video poker – a well-balanced mix between slots and poker, inspired by Omaha or Hold’em Poker. 4 Jacks Better and All American Jackpot x4000 are two of the most popular games you can find online for free or with real money.

To play, all you need to do is to log in to your gambler account, select any video poker game you want, pick the bet and press the “Spin” button to initiate the rounds. Your purpose is to hit a good poker hand such as Royal Flush or Straight Flush, 3 of a Kind, Flush, and so on. The winnings are calculated based on the bet. If your bet is bigger, your winnings are better.


Remember the essential: having fun

When you choose a slot machine offline or online, you gamble for fun. If you are lucky and manage to win, withdraw your money and spend it on anything that will make you happy. Or, invest the profit in something else. However, if you were not that lucky try to stay away from slots a little bit, until you cool off.

When you play, do it when you are relaxed or whenever you want to take a break and feel the adrenaline rush for yourself. Simply choose a safe online casino, select your deposit limits, and gamble.



There are hundreds if not thousands of slot machines to choose from. Take your time, analyze the slot, check some reviews about them and play! In the end, keep in mind this: play responsibly, gamble for fun, and you will have the best experience!

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