Best Baseball Players of All Time

Baseball Players

Best Baseball Players of All Time

Ted Williams and Stan Musial both make our list of the Best Baseball Players. Although the two played a century apart, few baseball experts would disagree on which of them was the better player. In addition to being top 3 hitters, Musial won multiple World Series and is one of the greatest MEN in the history of the sport. Who is the best baseball player of all time? Let’s find out. What made him so great?


Derek Jeter announced his retirement from baseball in February. His career was hampered by injuries. He started the season at shortstop and was projected to start the 1995 season. However, after suffering from a mild inflammation of his right shoulder in the Arizona Fall League, Jeter was forced to play in Class AAA. He did not have the best season, with a batting average below.230 and a slugging percentage above.300. Despite the injuries, Jeter finished the season with 3,464 career hits.

Derek Jeter played high school baseball, and in the following year was ranked as the 16th best prospect in baseball by several outlets. During his time playing in high school, he racked up a staggering total of 23 runs scored, 21 walks, four home runs, and 12 stolen bases. In college, he went on to play for the New York Mets and was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles.

Derek Jeter has a career stature of nearly 3,500 hits, including five MVP awards and a batting title. He also drew plenty of walks and had enough pop to be a threat. In 2006, Jeter finished second in the MVP voting and was the first player in his age group to reach this number. In 2009, Jeter passed Lou Gehrig’s all-time hit record with 2,722 hits. In 2010, he became the 28th player to hit 3,000 hits in his career.


Matt Holliday is an outfielder who has been in the major leagues for only two seasons. But since moving from St. Louis to Los Angeles, his numbers have stayed relatively even. He is 35 years old, and his career WAR has been hovering around 1.0 this season. His bat speed and swing are solid, but his defense still needs work. It is possible he will continue his development in the left field, but his upside is still vast.

Matt Holliday was drafted in the seventh round of the 1998 MLB draft. He was an undrafted free agent from the University of Kentucky and was originally a quarterback prospect. He debuted in the Major Leagues in 2004 and quickly became the starting left fielder for the Colorado Rockies. His batted-in totals are incredible – he once became the 19th player in MLB history to hit over 195 home runs. He also scored 115 runs in a single season. In 2008, he won the NL batting title, was named NL Player of the Month and won the NLCS MVP award.

Before making his MLB debut, Matt Holliday was a high school standout. He hit 143 home runs during seven seasons and a little over 20 in 2015 but was still able to reach the majors. He earned a remarkable 24.4 fWAR for the 2010 season, ranking ninth amongst qualified MLB hitters. Holliday has an imposing physique and an amazing on-base percentage, making him one of the best players in MLB.


A native of Curacao, Andruw Jones grew up playing baseball and football for a high school team. As a sophomore, he was named to the Braves’ youth select baseball team and went on to play in a tournament in Japan. At the age of 13, Jones sent a baseball over 400 feet and hit a tennis court. His impressive range and instinctive feel for position earned him First Team All-State honors. He also played for Curacao’s national team, and later switched to the outfield.

Despite his lackluster performance during his first year with the Braves, Jones ended up with a career-high four-year average and a record-breaking season in 2000. He smashed 32 home runs and drove in 116 runs, and his stats led the National League in many categories. He also broke the Braves franchise record for most consecutive games with at least one run scored. In addition to his career-high numbers, Jones finished the 2003 season tied for sixth in the NL MVP voting, with his 52 home runs and 152 RBI.

Chipper Jones made his major league debut on September 11, 1993. He was the first pick in the Atlanta Braves’ amateur draft. Jones spent three years in the Braves minor league system before making his major league debut. During his contract year in 2007, Jones played in the outfield but remained at third base. After that season, the Braves decided to trade him to the Chicago White Sox.


Roger Clemens’ career began in high school when he was a large boy. Major League Baseball scouts were impressed with him, but he opted to attend college instead. He attended San Jacinto College North and was drafted by the New York Mets. Clemens, however, opted to transfer to the University of Texas at Austin, where he pitched for three seasons. Clemens won the College World Series in 1983 with the UT Longhorns, and his uniform is retired at the University of Texas in Austin.

While his final season with the Red Sox was not very memorable, Clemens’ career spanned 23 seasons. He won seven Cy Young awards and twice won the pitching triple crown. While his career numbers don’t indicate that he’ll ever be included in the Hall of Fame, his impact on baseball is immeasurable. Whether or not you consider him one of the greatest baseball players of all time, he is an incredible player and deserves recognition.

While many may consider him a great player, it’s important to note that Clemens has not always been the most exciting to watch. His career was marked by injuries and a rocky start. In spite of the setbacks, Clemens never lost confidence and never gave up on his dream of becoming a major league pitcher. After a lengthy hiatus, Clemens returned to the Boston Red Sox in 2004 for his final season and capped off a stellar career with seven Cy Young Awards.


Lou Gehrig is arguably the greatest player in baseball history. He had one of the greatest seasons ever, scoring more than two hundred runs in one season. He also had the best on-base percentage, leading the American League in both home runs and RBI five times. He was also one of the best hitters in the league eight times and scored more runs than any other player. His incredible career began at age nine, and he lasted until the end of his career.

Lou Gehrig was a devoted baseball fan. He was also very healthy, despite being diagnosed with a rare nervous system disorder called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. He played for six more years, retiring in 1939. In his career, he racked up a batting average. of 340 and hit 493 home runs, along with over two thousand runs batted in. He also played in seven World Series and drove in over thirty-five runs.

Lou Gehrig was a six-time champion and the only player in history to collect more than 400 bases in five seasons. His total runs scored was staggering, and his power was unmatched. In fact, Gehrig’s batting average surpassed that of Babe Ruth five times. However, his career average was mediocre until the age of 31. But his incredible power continues to impress fans and baseball historians alike.


Jackie Robinson is regarded as one of the greatest baseball players in history. One of the reasons for his success might be his conviction that failure is not an option. While it is true that failure was a part of Robinson’s career with the Dodgers, that doesn’t diminish the significance of his accomplishments. His ability to adapt to major league pitching was unsurpassed, and his skill set was far beyond that of any other player.

Jackie Robinson is an icon who played baseball for nine seasons with the Brooklyn Dodgers. He later retired from baseball after the 1956 season. Afterward, Robinson became a human rights activist and worked as the vice president of personnel for the Chock Full O’ Nuts restaurant chain. His life and career are full of controversy, and his legacy continues to inspire today’s generations of baseball players. Nevertheless, Robinson is one of the best baseball players in history, and his legacy lives on in the hearts of baseball fans everywhere.

The young Jackie Robinson was drafted by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1946. He led the International League in batting average (.349) and finished second in stolen bases (40). Robinson’s remarkable success in baseball led to him being named Rookie of the Year and being selected fifth in the MVP voting. He was an amazing player and deserves his place in the history of baseball. If you haven’t seen the legend in person, you must check out this documentary.

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