Concentra Urgent Care

Concentra Urgent Care

Concentra Urgent Care

quality care tailored to the needs of the individual. Additionally, the clinic’s workforce health program offers injury prevention programs, regulatory compliance, and monitoring employee health.

Concentra Urgent Care also offers telemedicine services. Through this service, employees can consult a physician from anywhere at any time, including while at home. This allows employees to receive prompt treatment and minimize lost duty time. This also reduces employer costs. In addition, telemedicine services can be used for screening evaluations for COVID-19 and other occupational diseases. However, employees should note that telemedicine is not a substitute for in-person care.

An occupational medicine physician’s role is to determine the cause of an injury. Often, a company’s policy dictates the type of medical examination that should be performed. They can also determine if an employee is able to return to work or if they’re not able to work due to a condition. They can also decide whether they should receive a pre-authorization or modified duty.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy at Concentra urgent care combines a wide range of physical therapy methods to treat musculoskeletal injuries. These services are offered by trained therapists who work with physicians to design a treatment plan. After interviewing patients, they perform a physical examination to measure range of motion and determine the extent of injury. After these initial steps, they start treatment using equipment and special exercises.

Located in Addison, Texas, Concentra Urgent Care is a national healthcare company with Concentra Urgent Care locations in many states. The company is proud to provide personalized care for every patient. The company has a team of more than 1,000 physical therapists and physicians. Additionally, it provides wellness and health improvement programs to businesses and communities.

Physical therapy is a popular service offered by Concentra urgent care. The company treats more than 30,000 patients every day. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it treats one in every seven occupational injuries in the United States. Visiting a Concentra urgent care clinic will save patients time and money.

The focus of physical therapy at Concentra Urgent Care is early intervention and improved outcomes. Patients are treated with physical therapy to restore their activity capacity and return to normal activities. They are also educated about prevention methods. By addressing injury early, they are able to avoid further disability. In addition to providing high quality Concentra Urgent Care ‘s physical therapy services also educate their employees about the prevention of future injuries.

Urgent care

If you need immediate medical attention and you’re in a hurry, you may want to consider a specialized Concentra Urgent Care facility like Concentra Urgent Care . These facilities are staffed with a qualified team of medical professionals to treat any condition. They operate in 44 states and have 520 clinics nationwide. Many locations include physicians and physical therapists.

Concentra Urgent Care offers services for colds, fevers, and minor injuries, as well as tests and preventative wellness programs. Compared to the emergency room, these clinics have shorter wait times and lower costs. They also offer extended hours, which is a big benefit for busy people. This makes them a convenient alternative to visiting a hospital emergency room.

For those who don’t have access to a car, a convenient way to get to Concentra Urgent Care is by using Moovit. This free app offers live directions and maps to the center. It also shows how long it will take you to reach Concentra Urgent Care by bus or train. This way, you can plan your trip accordingly and get to the center faster.

Wellness programs

Concentra Urgent Care offers comprehensive occupational health, Concentra Urgent Care and physical therapy services for businesses, employers and employees. With more than 250 worksite medical centers nationwide, the company’s mission is to raise the standard for health Concentra Urgent Care. Its wellness programs focus on prevention and improving health while reducing total health care costs.

Wellness programs encourage employees to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors and stick to their goals. They use biometric screenings and health risk assessments to identify personal risk factors. Using this information, health specialists develop personalized wellness goals and monitor progress. These programs also include wellness education and coaching. These programs can provide additional benefits to employees, ranging from enhanced mental health to increased productivity.

health education programs

Wellness programs are becoming an increasingly popular part of the workplace, and employers can take advantage of them to improve employee wellness. Employees who participate in wellness programs are less likely to miss work and are more productive. Additionally, they experience fewer sick days, resulting in a reduced health Concentra Urgent Care bill.

With an onsite occupational health clinic, employers can also access high-quality Concentra Urgent Care services and preventive Concentra Urgent Care services. These onsite clinics also offer nutrition counseling, chair massage and personal trainer services. Furthermore, these centers also offer other services, such as a physical fitness center, which includes exercise classes and a personal trainer.

Occupational health practitioners are uniquely qualified to help employers improve their workplace health programs. Their focus is to identify risks that can arise from work and develop strategies to mitigate them. By working with these specialists, employers can customize and enhance their health Concentra Urgent Care solutions, and save money on medical costs and employee turnover.

Occupational health education programs are another way to help staff develop their skills and increase their knowledge base. The coursework is often done during off hours and outside of work hours, and is designed by medical leaders within the company. Using these courses, employees can apply their new knowledge right away. The coursework also allows participants to demonstrate their proficiency in new skills and knowledge through research articles, presentations, and real-life clinical situations.

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