Everything You Need To Know About Har Ki Dun Trek Introduction

Har Ki Dun Trek

Everything You Need To Know About Har Ki Dun Trek

This place is a rack-designed hollow situated at an elevation of 3566 meters in the arms of the national park named Govind Ballabh Pant. Adjoined by snow-capped mountains and nordic vegetation, Har-ki-Dun is, no doubt, one of the most pleasing trekking locations that exhibit the unparalleled natural enchantress of the state of Uttarakhand.

This place provides mesmerizing sights of unconsumed hollows in the far-flung soils of the Garhwal Himalayas. It is known as one of the most charming locations in India providing several trekking expeditions.

More about Har Ki Dun trek

This place is associated with Baspa Valley from Borasu Pass and is the key fount of the River Yamuna. Explorers from all around the world carry out this trek to experience eye-catching sights, alluring beauty, a peaceful environment as well as lush greenery. In India, this trekking experience is known as the ideal river valley string that has never failed to tempt travelers around the globe. The sharpness of this ravine is a major attraction. The swapping of different colors in each season frequently makes this path an ideal option for nature and all the lovers of the trek.

During this sensational trek, you can’t afford to miss the flexible lush rivulets, traditions, and helpfulness of the local people as well as distant cliques en route. The enchanting sights of the glacier named Laundhar, as well as the neighborhood of the Swargarohini series of peaks, surely uplifts your trek to interesting and thrilling.

Why is Har Ki Dun a must for every trek lover?

There are many major reasons to carry out this trek, but some of the top reasons are mentioned below:

The Har Ki Dun trek is known as one of the most engrossing ravines in the Garhwal Himalayan that is entirely hurdled by intensive Flora and Fauna, which is almost impossible to encounter in any other trekking experience.

You can also define this as Uttarakhand’s masked beauty that is quietly waiting for you to gust off your heart and brain with its alluring views, snow-covered valleys, pleasing meadows, and intense woods as well as spectacular green marks. If you are a true nature lover then this beautiful trek is a joy for you.

The trek provides the entire sights of Himalayan mountains that are just mesmerizing. At the time of this trekking experience, you will go through beautiful abundant green patches & grasslands, calm lakes, a dense diversification of flora & fauna as well as effusive waterfalls. Apart from this, you can also encounter extraordinary sights of Ruinsara Peak along the hollows. This spot is also known as the Valley of Gods due to many legends, myths, and beliefs attached. Visitors of this valley adore Yudhistara and even a regional temple is loyal to him. In this trek, you will also learn about many other past-era myths and stories connected to this location.

Perfect time to do Har Ki Dun trek

However, you can carry out trekking to Har Ki Doon around any time of the year but not in the rainy season. Although, the finest time to discover this trekking experience begins in March and continues till summer around the end of June.

You need to learn that monsoon seasons are not known to be ideal for trekking as the strings become dangerously slippery and mucky because of intense rainfall. From the start of September, you can visit this valley.

If you are deciding to carry out this trek in spring then it is a perfect time. Tight your belt and be ready to encounter a few breathtaking views of the flower-blossoming pastures and also ravines merged with dredged snow, uplifting your trekking experience into a more thrilling one.

Trek details

You will need around a week to complete this entire trek and the grade of this trek is termed moderate. You need to cover almost 44 kilometers to achieve this trek. It is located around at the height of 12,000 ft. You can also hire a taxi from Dehradun city to Sankri to arrive at this beautiful spot. The closest railway station is Dehradun and the airport close to this location is Jolly Grant which is also situated in Dehradun. 


This article covers all the details about Har Ki Dun Trek: A trek to the valley of Shiva and offers every detail a trekker needs to know before planning about this.

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