How to 2x Your Traffic with Video SEO

Video SEO

How to 2x Your Traffic with Video SEO

Video SEO are a great tool to increase your website ranking and bring organic traffic. Content strategies have long been predicted to create huge differences and make a remarkable transformation in the field of marketing. The global traffic that Video SEO enjoy has increased impressively, and therefore, it is the right time to invest in Video SEO and leverage brand strategies and SEO planning. 

In an era where online competition is challenging, and businesses are constantly striving to create impeccable content to rank up their websites, securing the number 1 rank on a Google search page is a bit challenging. 

To enhance the content you usually put out as articles, you can transform it into Video SEO and post them on social media platforms such as YouTube to create traction. YouTube is a well-known Video SEO sharing platform as it has an exponential user base, making it a perfect choice to invest in. So, if you can optimise efficiently, you can generate splendid results through the platform. The bonus is that you need not worry about high rankings as the majority of the traffic comes from recommended and browsing Video SEO. 

This article will help you multiply your website traffic with a video SEO strategy to rank high on similar platforms. 

Things to do to multiply your traffic with video SEO:

  1. Search for video topics

To find the Video SEO topics, you can follow the below-given ways:

  • Focus on transforming your existing content into Video SEO. This is the most straightforward approach as you already have the content. So, prepare a list of your top blogs and adapt them to videos. 
  • You can think of analysing your competitors’ content to find out the topics being covered so that you can offer something unique.
  • Execute your ideas through YouTube autocomplete so that the algorithm can provide you with the most relevant topics. 
  1. Do more with your videos

When it comes to YouTube, factors apart from videos quality are crucial, including engagement and watch time. Invest in a youtube video editor to add excellent sound and visual effects to your videos content. YouTube aims to keep people engaged for a longer time, as the more they stay on the site, the more content they consume. To keep viewers engaged for a longer time, you can follow these tips. 

  • Add a catchy title, thumbnail, and description to the Video SEO, encouraging viewers to click on it. 
  • Pay attention to CTR headlines, as the most searched topics can quickly grab your consumers’ attention. Also, use bold colour highlights for thumbnails.
  • Try to create a hook during the first 15 seconds of the video. You can reveal a teaser or preview of your Video SEO to make it more appealing. 

Keeping viewers engaged:

1. Always ask viewers to like, share, comment, and subscribe after watching the Video SEO.

2. Add Call to Actions (CTAs) to let viewers perform specific actions.

3. Promote more Video SEO by adding your channel’s end screen or playlists.

  1. Smooth video optimisation to drive more traffic

Keyword optimization is equally vital when it comes to Video SEO. It might be unable to get to highly high rankings, but it is still relevant to know about the Video SEO. Keywords can be added to your Video SEO title, description, and filename. Additionally, you may increase video tags as a massive chunk of traffic comes from YouTube’s suggested Video SEO section.

How can you optimise using tags?

1. Look for the main keywords and find out the Video SEO tanking to take note of the tags being used.

2. Browser plug-ins such as vidIQ and Tube Buddy can be used.

3. VidIQ even recommends relevant tags from other well-known Video SEO that you may incorporate in yours.

  1. Video promotion to expand visibility

Video SEO promotion cannot be missed after publication. Promoting your video upgrades the visibility and reach, encouraging other consumers to view your Video SEO. For an effective YouTube promotion, you can:

1. Add Video SEO to your social media page.

2. Send it as an email to your customised list or incorporate it in your regular newsletters/blasts.

3. Integrate them into your blogs.

Now that you know how you can increase your traffic with Video SEO, let’s learn about the challenges and resolutions of Video SEO production.

It can be extremely costly to produce an in-house Video SEO. In fact, as per industry standards, the expenses can reach even $1000 per minute. The cost of an HD camera can alone be daunting, while a studio space, lights, video editors, and actors can add up to quite a large sum. 

An easy solution is to outsource the content to specialists. You can check for some solutions from HOTH Video SEO that adapt your blogs into high-quality HD videos. To make use of this video production solution, you need to:

Step 1: Go to the HOTH website and provide them with your content.

Step 2: A team of professional script writers will transform your content into a video script.

Step 3: The team will further make HD quality Video SEO using the required resources.

Step 4: They will additionally add title cards and professional b-rolls.

Step 5: Finally, the Video SEO YouTube description and final cut version will be given to you to upload directly. 

Critical Points for scaling traffic with video SEO:

  • YouTube Video SEO optimization is easy as compared to optimise videos for Google. The former also promotes your videos for free.
  • While searching for video topics, consider turning your well-performing into Video SEO.
  • To get featured in the suggested videos section, use the correct tags.
  • Always promote your videos via emails, social media sites, and blogs.
  • As most Google searches feature at least one video, make the most of it to rank your optimised YouTube Video SEO high in SERP.


Any business must adapt better Video SEO to increase their traffic. Video SEO provides an impressive platform to multiply the traffic with your Video SEO. You can make the best of it by following the aforementioned points to take your business to soaring heights.

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