Iron Cactus – The Perfect Location For Private Parties and Events

Iron Cactus

Iron Cactus - The Perfect Location For Private Parties and Events

Iron Cactus on the San Antonio River Walk is the perfect location for private parties and events. This unique venue has been featured in a YouTube video. This unique venue offers a variety of events and activities, including Tex-Mex and Tequila. It also features a rooftop patio and private rooms.


Whether you want traditional Mexican cuisine or more modern fare, this Texas chain has you covered. It also offers happy hour and plenty of tequila. It’s one of the best places to grab a drink and chat with a friend. The food here is delicious and the prices are great.

Iron Cactus is located in San Antonio’s Riverwalk neighborhood. If you’re in the area, try out the chicken tortilla soup and cornbread. This dish is very similar to black eyed peas and cornbread, but it’s made with chicken. You can also order a Tex-Mex salad with perfectly seasoned grilled chicken.

A standout dish at Iron Cactus is the pork. It’s smoked for eight hours before being cooked. It’s seasoned by Leah’s father, Robert King. He also makes an excellent Mexican cornbread. Robert King, the chef and owner of Iron Cactus, began cooking as a hobby before opening his restaurant. He never entered a pork competition, but he knows how to cook. His pork is not your average Mexican food, but it’s an excellent way to try a unique cuisine.

Iron Cactus is a favorite among Tex-Mex fans in Calhoun. It is located in a strip of shops just one mile from Interstate 20. Located at 428 DeSiard Street, the Iron Cactus is a great spot for a quick bite to satisfy your hunger. The menu includes Tex-Mex favorites and a quick-serve lunch menu.

The Iron Cactus also boasts a top-ten tequila bar in the nation. It is home to over 100 different varieties of tequila. The Tex-Mex at Iron Cactus is unique, bold, and flavorful.


If you are a lover of tequila and agave nectar, you will want to try the Tequila and Iron Cactus. This unique cocktail combines tequila with grapefruit soda and orange juice. The drink is garnished with an orange slice dusted with chile lime salt. You can also try the Mezcal Royale, which includes tequila, agave nectar, and lime.

Tequila and Iron Cactus has won several awards, including Best Restaurant on the River six times in a row. It was also named one of the Top Ten Tequila Bars in the country by USA Today. The restaurant is known for its great food, service, and variety of tequila. They have five private dining rooms and have a great selection of Tequila.

At the Iron Cactus, guests can enjoy over fifty varieties of tequila, all accompanied by expert tastings. The experts will explain the characteristics of each tequila, and you will leave with a newfound appreciation for the Agave spirit. This is one of Austin’s top tequila events and is a must-do for any tequila lover.

Rooftop patio

For those who enjoy brunch and outdoor dining, the rooftop patio at Iron Cactus in Tucson is an excellent option. The restaurant offers 18 different menu items, including carving stations and a custom omelet station. The brunch buffet is only $16 per person, and according to the manager, it’s the best price in town. Guests can also try the tacos and tequila brunch, which offers a similar menu but also includes two mimosas. Whether you’re looking for a place to enjoy brunch or a pre-concert cocktail, the rooftop patio at Iron Cactus is an incredible space with great views.

Private rooms

Iron Cactus is a top Austin restaurant, and the private rooms are the perfect space to host any private party, big or small. Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner party with family and friends, or a larger wedding reception, you’ll find the perfect room for your next event. Iron Cactus’ private rooms are equipped with a full-size bar, a wireless microphone, and a 70-inch flat-screen TV with HDMI inputs.

Located in the historic Sixth Street district, Iron Cactus is one of the premier Austin restaurants with private rooms. With three floors of event space, this restaurant can accommodate any type of event. The restaurant offers a spacious outdoor patio and can accommodate up to 500 guests for an intimate gathering. In addition to the dining room, the restaurant has multiple private rooms that can be reserved for smaller parties.

With six consecutive awards as “Best Restaurant on the River”, Iron Cactus is a beloved River Walk destination. In addition, it’s been named one of the country’s Top Ten Tequila Bars and has been featured on the cover of USA Today. The restaurant is known for its delicious food and excellent service, and the drink menu features tequilas of all kinds. Iron Cactus also has five private dining rooms where you can have exclusive access to the restaurant.

Catering options

If you’re planning an event in Austin, consider catering from Iron Cactus Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar. Located in the heart of Downtown Austin, this restaurant serves delicious Mexican food and is open Monday through Saturday. On Sunday, it’s open until 10 p.m.

Iron Cactus offers an extensive menu of authentic Mexican cuisine, as well as professional staff to prepare and serve your event. They can also provide linens, silverware, and plated dishes to make your event extra special. To make your event truly special, consider ordering catering from Iron Cactus for your event.

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