Maurice Lacroix: An Affordable Yet Luxury Watch Brand

Maurice Lacroix

Maurice Lacroix: An Affordable Yet Luxury Watch Brand

Are you looking to enhance your watch game? Are you on a tight budget but only want a flashy luxury watch? In this article, we shall focus on the Swiss watchmaker Maurice Lacroix. We’ll review the brand’s history and everything you need to know about the watch manufacturer. So stay with us:

The Legacy

Since its founding 45 years ago, Maurice Lacroix has created remarkable timepieces from its headquarters in the Swiss Jura highlands. 

It has established a reputation for creating inexpensive luxury watches, and its success is based on a contribution to the watch business and an intense appreciation for quality. Let’s analyze the brand’s story.

Outstanding Brand Values

Maurice Lacroix’s loyalty to sustaining its long legacy of high-standard Swiss watchmaker skill is the foundation of its corporate philosophy. 

To do this, one must actively pursue in-depth watchmaking knowledge, business awareness, excellent skill, technical ability, and a general sense of excellence. The secret to Maurice Lacroix’s success includes dependability, tenacity, inventiveness, and quality.

A Rich Heritage

The Desco von Schulthess Firm, which is the parent organization of Maurice Lacroix, is where we started in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1889. The business had worldwide silk trade roots but primarily targeted the Asian market. Eventually, the firm grew globally and diversified to provide more products.

Desco von Schulthess began representing several high-end brands in 1946, including Swiss watchmakers. The firm continued to be active in the watch sector. 

Desco von Schulthess built a watch factory in Saignelégier in 1961, emphasizing making timepieces under his brand. Maurice Lacroix was finally established in 1975 due to the company’s investment in the watch industry.

1975 Launch

The considerably older Desco von Schulthess firm, located in Zurich, founded the Maurice Lacroix watch brand in 1975. Desco’s origins are in the silk industry, but the business expanded into the luxury watch market in 1946, representing names like Heuer and Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Desco bought an assembly plant in Saignelégier, Jura, in 1961 to make watches for other people; this plant ultimately became the headquarters for Maurice Lacroix watches. In 1975, the Maurice Lacroix label, which carries the name of one of the Desco members of the board, was introduced.

Attention To Detail

Every element of every watch is made internally by the watch producers at Maurice Lacroix, who employs the latest CNC technology and the wisdom gleaned from generations of master watchmakers. 

This knowledge and technology produce attention to detail that is uncommon elsewhere.

The complex design of Maurice Lacroix mechanical clocks highlights the brand’s creativity, with every component—no matter how minute—being accurately produced to the highest standards.

Combining The Best Of The Past And Present

Blending the finest of the old and modern is one of Maurice Lacroix’s most valuable trademark attributes. 

Furthermore, it naturally appeals to a youthful and trendy market. Modern technology, current aesthetics, and traditional design principles are mixed with time-honored quality, classic design principles, and classic dimensions. 

The Maurice Lacroix wristwatch has a bright, professional, and trendy charm. It combines old and modern, serious and sensual.

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