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Scissors and Scotch

Scissors and Scotch has a long-term vision to grow to a multiunit, multi-unit chain with franchise opportunities nationwide. The company’s executive team hails from diverse backgrounds and has spent the last few years perfecting its business model. This includes hiring the best people and providing comprehensive training. Currently, the company has signed an area franchise development deal for four new stores in Kansas City and is in talks with single and multi-unit franchisees to expand the chain. It plans to reach 175 stores in five years.

Franchise opportunities

If you want to join a rapidly-growing franchise, consider opening a Scissors and Scotch location. This brand is well known and has become a global brand with a network of . The franchising team constantly thinks of ways to improve their business and provides marketing resources to franchisees. The Scissors & Scotch concept is ideal for groups of entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial drive.

The Scissors and Scotch brand is an excellent choice for those seeking a business opportunity that combines traditional barbering with the latest spa and full-service bar. Its franchise concept is unique and caters to an underserved market segment. Franchisees can expect friendly, professional employees, a fully stocked bar and impressive grooming services.

Scissors and Scotch offers an excellent experience for men. Men can get a top-notch haircut and a handcrafted cocktail while waiting for their turn at the barbershop. In addition to barbershop services, franchisees can also include lounge areas and host client events. Scissors & Scotch Franchising, LLC, is a Kansas limited-liability company. The company is currently operating four locations in the Kansas City market, and plans to open five locations in the next year.

Scissors and Scotch franchises have a high investment

In addition to offering top-notch service, Scissors and Scotch also offers a unique membership program. Members of the club are given exclusive benefits and are able to customize their service packages according to their preferences. This is a unique way to differentiate yourself from other businesses.

When it comes to investment, Scissors and Scotch franchises have a high investment threshold. The minimum investment required to open a Scissors and Scotch store is $502,300, while the maximum investment ranges from $746,250. Franchisees typically take six months to two years to ramp up their business. Franchisees can expect to receive training and ongoing support to help them run their business and succeed.

Scissors and Scotch is a popular men’s grooming brand that offers a range of services. With the goal of opening 175 new locations over the next five years, Scissors and Scotch is looking for franchise owners who are passionate about men’s grooming. The brand’s staff is dedicated to creating a positive experience for each client and building a lasting relationship.


Scissors and Scotch is a concept that offers premium cocktails and snacks at affordable prices. The company recently opened its first location in Washington, D.C., and it is also expanding into Virginia. The restaurant is planning to open its first Virginia location in Metro Plaza at Reston Station. The business has already signed a lease with Comstock Holdings for a 2,066-square-foot space. The Reston location will be adjacent to the Wiehle Reston East Metro Station.

The scissor-and-Scissors and Scotch concept aims to expand to other markets, including Kansas City and Houston. It also intends to launch corporate offices in those cities. The company offers a full-service bar, barbering services, and premium drinks to its customers. The concept has been a success in its current locations and plans to expand to new markets.


Scissors and Scotch offers men the same five-star service and quality cocktail bar that women enjoy. The brand is growing in the men’s grooming industry as a whole, with more men making time for self-care. Its menu highlights complex flavors and local ingredients. In addition to its full-service spa, Scissors and Scissors and Scotch also offers a membership program for members, which includes discounts on drinks and other benefits.

The franchise is currently in development in the San Antonio and Houston markets, and is looking to expand to other cities. Although it has multiple locations, the brand feels more like a boutique. Its staff is friendly and professional, and the concept is niche. Guests can enjoy a cocktail in the private lounge or a craft beer while waiting for their haircut.

Leadership team

The leadership team at Scissors and Scotch is an integral part of the organization’s growth strategy. The team is dedicated to helping franchisees select a location, negotiate a lease, and begin construction. Additionally, the team offers training on how to manage a franchise, and ongoing support for franchisees as they grow.

The company was founded in 2015 by three college friends in Omaha, NE. Since then, Scissors and Scotch has expanded throughout the Midwest and recently opened its eighth barber shop. The brand has a plan to expand to more than 100 locations by 2022.

If you are ready to become your own boss, consider opening a Scissors and Scotch franchise. There are some requirements, including no criminal history, five years of management experience, and a business plan. Franchisees must also be prepared to make a substantial initial investment, as well as ongoing fees.

The leadership team at Scissors and Scotch is composed of experienced industry veterans. The company also provides a full bar for their customers. The company has 20 locations in the U.S. and another 20 under construction. It also offers its customers a membership program for their convenience. These memberships give members access to exclusive benefits and the ability to design their own service packages.

The Leadership team at Scissors and Scotch is committed to bringing an old-school barbershop experience to a new age. The company aims to build lasting relationships with its clients. The company is currently looking for ambitious franchisees with a passion for improving men’s grooming experience. The franchise model encourages team members to develop and promote a strong staff culture centered on their company’s core values.

Best Scissors and Scotch

The executives at Scissors and Scotch come from a diverse background, and have spent the last several years developing the business model, perfecting the hiring processes and offering comprehensive training to their franchisees. They have already signed an area development agreement with a Kansas City-area franchisee and are in talks with other single-unit and multi-unit franchisees. They envision a total of 175 units by the end of the next five years.


Scissors and Scotch offers haircuts and grooming services for men in a unique, fun environment. The salon is known for its excellent customer service and provides a relaxing atmosphere. It also hosts regular events for its clientele. In addition to a quality haircut, Scissors and Scotch locations include complimentary beverages and a full-service lounge.

As a franchisee, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a nationwide brand and contribute to its growth. The franchise’s corporate team is always thinking of ways to make the business better and offer franchisees marketing support they need to succeed. Scissors and Scotch is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to create a business and become their own boss.

Scissors and Scotch opened its first location in Omaha, Nebraska, in March of 2015. Since then, the company has expanded to three additional cities. Franchisees are currently looking to expand the brand in other markets, including the San Antonio and Houston areas. With so many growth opportunities, Scissors and Scotch has realized the need for internal growth.

Scissors and Scotch currently has locations in Washington D.C. and Dallas. The Atlanta location will be located in an Osprey apartment building and feature a high-quality bar and lounge. Besides offering delicious food, Scissors and Scotch is also known for its booze.

Scissors and Scotch has been a popular franchise opportunity for men since 2015. The company’s name is synonymous with a fun and luxurious experience. With an emphasis on self-care, Scissors and Scotch is ahead of the trends.


Scissors and Scotch is a cocktail bar with upscale lounge offerings. The restaurant serves custom cocktails and treats walk-in customers, as well. The restaurant also has a membership program that allows its members to enjoy discounts on drinks and other amenities. Each Scissors and Scotch location offers an upscale bar and lounge area, and the restaurants feature house cocktails and appetizers.

The new franchise combines a luxury men’s barber shop with a full-service bar. The concept is unique, offering a relaxing environment for men. Scissors and Scotch has locations in Denver, Omaha, Des Moines, and Oklahoma City, and plans to expand to other markets.

Business model

Scissors and Scotch is a fast casual restaurant chain with a growing number of franchise locations. Currently, there are 21 locations across nine states, with 40 or more under development. Its executives are focused on building a thriving business and maximizing the franchise investment. The company is also working with existing franchisees to expand by upgrading their existing locations.

Scissors and Scotch provides comprehensive training to franchisees and assists them in determining the best location for their shop. The franchise team also assists franchisees with leasing, construction, and the grand opening. They will provide support and training for the first few years of operation, and will be there for ongoing support.

Scissors and Scotch first opened its doors in Omaha in 2001, and it has since expanded to Denver, Oklahoma City, and Des Moines. As the name suggests, the brand has become a favorite among men, and now has 17 locations nationwide. As its franchised concept continues to develop, Scissors & Scotchets continues to attract top operators in strategic markets.

Scissors and Scotch offers top-quality men’s grooming services and top-notch cocktail selections. Recently, it was named among Entrepreneur’s Top 150 New and Emerging Franchises. Its rapid expansion has earned it a spot in the “rising star” category, a category for franchising businesses with a recent launch date. The franchise is also rated on Franchise 500, a comprehensive evaluation that looks at 150 data points.

Scissors and Scotch is a great franchise opportunity that can be profitable if followed correctly. Prospective franchisees should do their due diligence and ask as many questions as possible about the franchise opportunity. Franchisees should be financially prepared to invest an initial investment, as well as the ongoing fees required to maintain the franchise.

Financial performance

Owning a Scissors and Scotch franchise can be a lucrative investment. With the support of a franchise team, you can choose a location, negotiate a lease, and start construction. Once you’ve finished construction, you can prepare for your grand opening. After you open your franchise, you’ll get ongoing support and training to help you manage the business.

Scissors and Scotch franchises are an attractive investment for new business owners who are looking to be their own bosses. The company has a proven business model and provides a solid foundation and support network. However, franchisees must be financially prepared to invest in their franchise, pay on-going fees, and fulfill franchise requirements.

Scissors and Scotch offers an upscale men’s grooming experience, including barbering services and a full-service bar. The brand plans to expand its presence in the San Antonio and Houston markets. However, the franchise has faced challenges recruiting new franchisees.

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