Smokey Bones Restaurant Review

Smokey Bones

Smokey Bones Restaurant Review

Barbeque Integrated Inc. is an American casual dining restaurant chain headquartered in Aventura, Florida. Under the ownership of Sun Capital Partners, the chain operates 66 locations in 16 eastern states. In a nutshell, Barbeque combines the best flavors of barbecue and other southern favorites. Read on to learn more about this casual dining restaurant chain. The next time you crave a mouth-watering barbecue dish, stop by Smokey Bones.

Menu prices

When it comes to food, the Smokey Bones menu is no exception. It includes a variety of tasty smoked meats and seafood grilled over hickory fires. The prices of the food vary and are usually $5 to $19 per item. The menu is divided into parts – part packs, a la carte, larger sides, appetizers, drinks, and desserts. There is even a special kids menu. All of the meals on this menu are only $5 for children under ten years old.

Meat lovers will be pleased to know that ribs can range anywhere from $14 to $22 depending on the type of rib ordered. Pork lovers can also opt for hand-pulled pork, which will set you back about $12. Briskets, on the other hand, can run upwards of $15. Prices of beer and white wine range from $5 to $12, so you should be able to find something to match your budget.

menu items it’s a good

The prices of Smokey Bones are available on PriceListo, which compiles pricing information from multiple sources. Whether you’re looking for an entrée or a full meal, the Smokey Bones menu will help you find the right food for your next event. Smokey Bones offers delivery and catering, as well as takeout and delivery services. However, before you head out to try the new menu items, it’s a good idea to read reviews and find out about the prices of your local Smokey Bones.

The Smokey Bones menu is not expensive and it’s worth it for the convenience it offers. Smokey Bones is widely available and has over 60 locations across the USA and America. The prices are reasonable and the food is delicious! They are also very friendly to people with food allergies. Just be sure to let your server know if you have any specific allergies. Luckily, they have gluten-free options available to cater to those who require them.

New menu items

A new menu at Smokey Bones combines barbecue with comfort foods. Known as ‘Masters of Meat,’ Smokey Bones has added a Bucket of Bones for lunchtime. The bowls are available in-restaurant or for curbside pick-up. Choose from a variety of options, such as unlimited BBQ, Buffalo Chicken, and macaroni & cheese. For a sweet treat, try their Banana Pudding.

The restaurant has added international flavors to its menu, as well. In addition to brisket, pork belly, and pulled pork, the restaurant is offering street tacos and Korean barbecue pork belly pops. The new menu also features a grilled mahi-mahi filet and three sauces to dip it in. The restaurant offers a vegetarian option, as well, so the new menu will appeal to vegetarians as well as meat lovers.

Smokey Bones, which opened in 1999, is targeting meat lovers as a primary target. In addition to offering new rib recipes, the restaurant is also eliminating some non-meat items from the menu. The company’s newest owners, Sun Capital Partners, purchased Smokey Bones in 2007 and hired Bibby as its culinary consultant. Bibby discussed the changes in the menu and the restaurant’s future plans.

While there are 61 Smokey Bones locations in sixteen states, it’s also an excellent place for a casual dinner with friends. The bar area features forty-plus beers on tap. The restaurant also offers delivery for parties and events. In addition, the chain offers a 10% military and veteran discount with valid ID. This offer is good for both parties and families. If you want to get something extra special for someone, try their new Smokey Bones menu.


There are currently 34 Smokey Bones locations in the US. To find the nearest Smokey Bones, just use the map to look for the closest store. You can also look up the address and phone number to get directions to the closest Smokey Bones. You can also read reviews about Smokey Bones from other consumers. Those who have visited Smokey Bones have raved about their experience.

The main Smokey Bones store is open from 11:00 AM to midnight or later. On weekends, the store is open later. Occasionally, the Smokey Bones restaurant will offer special deals and free samples. The chain is owned by Barbeque Integrated Inc., headquartered in Aventura, Florida. The company also offers delivery. The number of locations varies by location. There are currently 61 Smokey Bones locations in the US.

menu is diverse

In addition to its full-service restaurant, Smokey Bones also features a full-service bar with an extensive selection of local craft brews. The restaurant offers a military discount for active-duty members. If you’re in the military, Smokey Bones has a 10% discount on all meals. The restaurant is a member of the Darden restaurant group, which also owns LongHorn and Red Lobster. You can find out more about the Smokey Bones restaurant by visiting its Facebook page.

The company has three restaurants in Georgia. Smokey Bones also offers online ordering. If you want to try their famous burgers, you can sign up for the Smokey Bones membership list and get frequent coupons. You can also enjoy their burgers while watching football. They also offer free WiFi. A half-pound custom burger with grilled flavors starts at $6.99. The menu is diverse, but all of them have a signature twist. Smokey Bones locations include both full-service and delivery options.

Darden Restaurants’ ownership

In early 2008, Darden sold Smokey Bones to Sun Capital Partners. Originally owned by Darden, the restaurant chain was best known for its barbecue cuisine. However, the business suffered from declining sales and traffic, and its convoluted Rocky Mountain theme didn’t connect with many customers. The barbecue-focused menu also failed to attract a broad range of diners. Sun Capital’s new owners likely had specific goals in mind when taking over the restaurant chain, and aimed to reinvigorate the brand and menu to appeal to a wider demographic.

In May 2007, Darden sold off 54 Smokey Bones locations, leaving 72 open. Sun Capital Partners Inc., which already owned the Friendly Restaurant chain, pledged to operate the remaining locations. After announcing the sale, Sun Capital said it would remain as the Smokey Bones owner. Since then, the company has been focused on rebranding the chain and expanding it nationwide.

Smokey Bones brand

Despite the challenges that surrounded the Smokey Bones brand, the company managed to rebrand the chain to make it more appealing to diners. Although Smokey Bones is still open, the owners are planning to speed up the remodeling process. The company says the restaurants remodeled have enjoyed double-digit sales increases and hopes to remodel all of its 67 restaurants by the end of the year.

In addition to improving menu offerings, Smokey Bones is making a conscious effort to expand its beverage menu. Its signature Candy Coated Cocktails have topped LTOs for more than five years. Other drinks are available at Smokey Bones, including the Pink Strawberry Swizzle, a blend of Bulleit and Angry Orchard coconut rum. A new cocktail called the Honey Bear is made with pineapple juice, gummy bears, and a shot of New Amsterdam vodka.

Darden’s relationship with chef Peter Farrand

When you’re thinking about bringing innovation to your brand, you probably don’t think about chef Peter Farrand. But he’s the guy behind Smokey Bones, the seafood restaurant that has made the company famous for its veggie burger. Farrand reimagined the Smokey Bones menu with more seafood choices and even a veggie burger, as well as two virtual brands. In this interview, Farrand discusses Smokey Bones’ new culinary direction and how to manage supply, both in the restaurant and on the virtual scale.

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