Why Are You Hearing So Much About THC O?


Why Are You Hearing So Much About THC O?

Most cannabis users are familiar with delta-9 THC and CBD, the main cannabinoids in cannabis plants. Despite this, there is increasing interest globally in the potential health benefits which can be attributed to cannabinoids present in cannabis. As one of these compounds, THC O can be listed as one of them.

Globally, 158.8 million people use marijuana, representing 3.8% of the planet’s population.

When it comes to cannabinoids, you might already be familiar with delta-9 THC and delta-8 THC, and if you’ve played around with them, you might even be familiar with delta-10 THC. With many THC cannabinoids being available in the cannabis community, you may find it hard to believe that THC-O acetate has gained a great deal of attention from the cannabis community. However, due to its unique effects, it is considered a fantastic by-product of cannabis.

Now that it has come under the light of the cannabis culture. It is emerging as one of the best advancements.

What Is THC-O?

THC O is a shortened name (a slang word) that can come in handy to describe THC-O-Acetate, also known as THC Acetate and ATHC. A substance with many characters is quite a bit to keep track of; sometimes, it can get confusing. However, scientists call that the Acetyl group of molecules enhances the product’s potency by several sizes compared to the other groups.

The DEA has flagged delta-8 THC, its trendy cousin, as a controlled substance, meaning THC-O’s star can rise even higher.

There’s a lesson to be learned about cannabis culture: it leans more towards brevity than accuracy (It’s glad that; otherwise, we’d have to write or say “tetrahydrocannabinol” every time). Due to the same, there is a great chance you will come across THC-O more often in the future.

Until the metabolic process of the body breaks down the THC-O. The liquid appears like a heavy brownish liquid, similar to THC. Despite its potential potency, one of the most exciting things about THC-O is that its effects may be three times greater than THC.

While discussing names, it is essential to remember that THC-O should not be confused with THCA (or THCa) and vice versa. It is because it comes from tetrahydrocannabinol acid, the parent molecule of cannabidiol.

Even though THC-O is a metabolically produced prodrug, it remains psychoactive after it metabolizes. If you wonder why it is more potent than THC, you may wonder why it is more effective. It results from acetylated particles’ pharmacokinetics, which is taken in by your body and connected.

Cannabis is consumed by 147 million people worldwide, 2.5% of the population, compared to 0.2% that consume cocaine and 0.2% that consume opiates (annual prevalence).

Why Is THC-O So Special?

In addition to making the THC molecule stronger, the acetate molecule adds one significant property.

As we all know, you’re dying to hear about the potency of THC-O, but don’t let your hand go so quickly. First, let’s talk about the issue of water solubility so we don’t get lost in the shuffle as there is a bit of confusion about that.

THC-O Does Not Mix With Organic Solvents

When cannabinoids like THC and CBD are in their natural state, they act as lipids (fatty oils) inside the human body. It’s worth noting that these products are fat-soluble (meaning that they will dissolve in oil if consumed as a consumable).

As with other cannabinoids from Cannabis Sativa, THC-O does not have an organic-solvent property. As part of our body’s filtering system, fatty substances go to another stage, and materials that are fat soluble must undergo different procedures to reach the bloodstream.

THC-O Is Strong

Hold on, hold on, don’t be so quick! Many studies support that THC-O can have a 300 percent stronger effect than regular THCO. That’s right; you read it right: 3 times stronger than before.

All of that is possible because of the tiny molecule of acetate! The experience makes you appreciate the power of chemistry as a science.

When thinking connaisseurs, you may wonder why anyone needs a robust product. However, there is no denying that THC-O can come in handy recreationally. Regular THC can do the job just fine as far as getting high goes and concentrate on the medicinal benefits, one of the areas where THC-O stands out.

Each of us is unique, so we are all different. In addition, it is possible to have other biology in one person’s body from another. As a result, THC may not be effective for some people (pain relief, anti-anxiety, etc.).

In all intents and purposes, THC-O is an entirely different product. The reason behind that is that it is capable of causing a response in your brain through its cannabinoid receptors that average THC cannot produce.

If you are thinking about trying THC-O for the first time, start small (a minimal amount would be best) and then slowly increase your dosages as you progress.

It Is Soothing

Most THC-O customers describe it as reflective and spiritual. As soon as THC-O becomes naturally active, it starts to boom. Therefore, you can use THC-O for:

⦁ Creativity is improved
⦁ High head without couch locks
⦁ Self-analysis

What Is The Effect Of THC-O?

THC has several medicinal effects that are well known. In that regard, THC-O is no different, and recreational effects (it’s high) differ from their therapeutic effects.

Generally, THC-O is described by many as a very spiritual and soothing substance. According to some, the trip is comparable to taking LSD or shrooms, something that regular THC products cannot claim to be.

To feel the effects of THC-O, you will have to wait between 20 and 30 minutes after consuming it, just like with edibles. It is because for the THC molecule to be transported to the brain, it has to be separated (digested) from the acetate molecule by your body before your brain can process it.

The Final Words: Should You Try THC-O For Yourself?

That’s for sure! Mostly if you need a particular medical benefit that you need. In this case, THC-O may be the perfect solution for you.

Furthermore, it is essential to note that if you plan to buy THC-O, you must choose a trustworthy dealer. Don’t hesitate to ask your local dispensary for help. As a result, they can help you find the exact product you are looking for.

When it comes to THC-O, it is always best to buy it from a reliable and trusted vendor rather than make it yourself.

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